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My 2016 pop album, In and Out of Love Again, featuring love songs, breakup songs, and even a lust song, is available on CD at Kunaki. You can also find digital downloads at Amazon MP3, iTunes, Tidal, and other online music stores.

Song of the Month

Halloween cover art

This month’s featured song is “Halloween”, a country waltz I wrote with lyricist Kent Newsome back in 1998. This recording features the guitar work of Hans Van Even, and was released as a digital single in 2008. It is available in popular digital music stores.

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  • Story Behind the Song: “I Don’t Pray Anymore” - My latest single, as of this writing (early May 2017), is a song I wrote over thirty years ago, in early 1987. That was before I was writing lyrics on the computer, and before I started keeping extensive notes of lyric drafts in progress, so it would be tough to recreate the history of the ... Read more
  • Back to the Sixties? - Anyone who’s been paying attention to my digital single releases in the first quarter of this year may have detected a theme. In late January, I released my rock-flavored cover of Bob Dylan’s iconic 1960s protest song, “Blowin’ in the Wind”. Early last month I put out a new recording of a song Ray Ducharme ... Read more

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Updated: October 1, 2017