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My 2020 album, Moments of Insanity, is available at popular download and streaming sites.

Song of the Month

This month’s featured song is “I Need Her Tonight”, a song about memories of young love that Ray Ducharme, Vic Michener, and I wrote way back in 1997. I’ll be including this brand new recording on my next album, which will be released this summer.

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  • Story Behind the Song: “Ghosts” - I was ghosted, by someone I’d been very close to, back in late 2018. I won’t go into the details of that story here — I’ve already told parts of it in past blogs including “Story Behind the Song: Wishing You Well” and “Story Behind the Album: The Road That I Must Take”. “Ghosts” isn’t ... Read more
  • Happy New Year (A Month Late) - Several times during 2020 I started writing posts about 2020 but abandoned them after a while. Each time it seemed like I’d written a bunch of words but really didn’t know what I was trying to say. A few times in the past, I’ve written New Year, or new decade, blogs around the time the ... Read more
  • Story Behind the Album: Moments of Insanity - 2020 has been a crazy year. Yeah, I know I’m stating the obvious — the year’s insanity may be the only point of agreement between my friends on the far left and my friends on the far right. However, were I to try to condense the story behind my latest album, Moments of Insanity, into ... Read more

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Updated: June 1, 2022