Blowin' in the Wind cover art
My latest single is a rock-flavored cover of Bob Dylan’s classic “Blowin’ in the Wind”. It is available now at iTunes, Google Play, Groove Music, and other online music stores. See my latest blog for the story behind the recording.

Song of the Month

Once Through the Sixties cover art

This month’s featured song is “Once Through the Sixties”, a song I wrote with Ray Ducharme back in 1997. The recording is from my brand new digital single, released on March 9th, and now available at popular digital music stores.

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  • Coincidences - Have you ever had an experience where you were working on something at a particular time, partly due to a series of coincidences that “just happened” to make something convenient at that time, where that thing you were working on ended up feeling “just right” for that moment? I had one a couple of weekends ... Read more
  • Looking Backward, Looking Forward - Like many people, I set aside some time at the end of one year and the beginning of the next to review the year gone by and consider plans for the new year.  Some years are easier to review, or plan for, than others. Of course, plans can change at any point during the year, and ... Read more
  • Story Behind the Song: “The Day After the Day After Christmas” - As a largely unknown songwriter, who has yet to have a mainstream (or even cult) hit here in the USA — I make this geographical caveat only due to some minor international success, including a local radio hit in Norway and a top 5 radio and video hit in Mongolia, back in 2003 and 2004, ... Read more

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Updated: March 9, 2017