Don't Blame Me cover art

Written back in 2002 with Polish-born pop singer AGATA, Don’t Blame Me is the first single from my forthcoming pop album, In and Out of Love Again. It is available now on Amazon MP3, iTunes, Tidal, and other popular sites.

Song of the Month

This month’s featured song is "Here I Go Again", a brand new funky pop song I wrote last year and am still in the process of recording. The recording is a work-in-progress intended, when finished, for my forthcoming pop album due in early Summer 2016.

Recent News

  • Teaser Single from Upcoming Album - My upcoming pop album,In and Out of Love Again, won't be available until sometime this summer, but the first single, "Don't Blame Me", written with pop singer AGATA, is available now in popular digital music stores.
  • Now Playing on ISWM Radio Network - My music is now being featured on the “Independent Songwriters in Cyberspace” radio show on the Independent Songwriters Magazine Radio Network.
  • Multiple Recordings Updated - Several songs have been updated with October 2015 mixes from my forthcoming (2016) pop album, In and Out of Love Again. These include "Lust", "One Good Reason", "That Kiss", and "What Do You Want to Know".

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Recent Blog Entries

  • Getting Down to the Wire - It’s now been seven months since I announced my intention to record a pop album and release it during the first half of 2016 and four months since my most recent public update on that project. As we enter the second quarter of 2016, it is getting down to the wire if I am to ... Read more
  • Story Behind the Song: “It Might Be Memphis” - The large majority — I’d guess 75% or more — of my songs are written starting from the lyrics, whether I write those myself or get a lyric from a collaborator. "It Might Be Memphis", which I’ve come to call my "wishful thinking" song (a more positive spin on it might be to call it ... Read more
  • Story Behind the Song: “It Started in a Manger” - The year was 1982, and I was attending graduate school at USC in Los Angeles, California. I’d been attending the Newman Center (a small Roman Catholic church geared toward college students) near the USC campus and was planning to attend a Christmas party there. I don’t recall much about the party, but I do remember ... Read more

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Updated: May 2, 2016