Moments of Insanity cover art
My latest full-length album of original songs, Moments of Insanity, is available at popular download and streaming sites.
What Child is This? cover art
You can also listen to What Child is This?, my 2014 album of classic Christmas carols performed in various traditional and modern musical styles, at the usual download and streaming sites.

Song of the Month

That Time of Year cover art

This month’s featured song is “It Started in a Manger”, the first Christmas song I ever wrote, though it took fifteen years to finish the final lyric. The recording is from my That Time of Year EP.

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  • Story Behind the Album: Moments of Insanity - 2020 has been a crazy year. Yeah, I know I’m stating the obvious — the year’s insanity may be the only point of agreement between my friends on the far left and my friends on the far right. However, were I to try to condense the story behind my latest album, Moments of Insanity, into ... Read more
  • Story Behind the Song: “Stubborn Heart” - “Stubborn Heart” is a song about the conflict between the head and the heart. You know how it goes: The head tries to reason with the heart in matters of crushes, infatuation, love, passion, and various other thinking/feeling conflicts. The heart doesn’t want to hear logic, though. It’s into feelings, even at the risk of ... Read more
  • Looking Back on a Decade - At the end of each year, typically on New Year’s Eve, I take a look back at the year gone by, ahead of refocusing on the new year shortly thereafter. Seeing we’re now entering the 2020s (Happy New Decade!), I thought it might also be interesting to take a look at the decade that just ... Read more

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Updated: December 1, 2020