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My 2016 pop album, In and Out of Love Again, features love songs and breakup songs set in a variety of pop styles. It is available on CD at Kunaki and for digital downloads at popular online music stores.

Song of the Month

This month’s featured song is "I Didn’t Think", a rock ballad I wrote with Mary Lou Sudkamp back in 2003. The recording is an early work mix from a project intended for release later this year.

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  • Story Behind the Song: “Undertow” - The story behind my latest single, “Undertow”, starts back in early November of 2003. I’d emailed a relatively new co-writer, Mary Lou Sudkamp, about some potential opportunities with our first co-write, “I Didn’t Think”. She attached a new lyric, “Undertow”, to her reply, asking about my interest in writing music to it. I was pretty ... Read moreStory Behind the Song: “Undertow”
  • A Belated Year-End/New Year Blog - I can’t believe January 2018 is already more than half over! I’d originally intended to write a year-end/New Year blog on either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, but then various projects I was working on those days took longer than expected. Then January 2nd arrived, and it was back to the day job, ... Read moreA Belated Year-End/New Year Blog
  • Thoughts on the Demise of Cakewalk - In an announcement dated November 17, 2017, but which only became public knowledge earlier this week, Gibson Brands, the company that is best known as a guitar maker (e.g. they make Les Paul guitars), announced that they were, “ceasing active development and production of Cakewalk branded products.” The reason stated was, “to better align with ... Read moreThoughts on the Demise of Cakewalk

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Updated: May 1, 2018