A Little Behind the Times

Why does it seem like every other songwriter, singer, band, etc. in the world has been on MySpace for like forever now?  I definitely feel late to the party.  That’s kind of strange, seeing as how I was on the bleeding edge of putting my songs on the web back a decade ago, when the technology available to make a song clip stream — anybody remember 28.8 kbaud modems and early RealAudio? — was in its infancy at the time.

I don’t know why I’ve dragged my feet so long on MySpace.  Maybe it’s because both of my kids have been on MySpace for ages now, and it kind of felt like the high school, and now college in my son’s case, place to be.  Maybe it would have felt too much like going to a college dorm party.  Heck, I was never all that comfortable in those, even back when I was in college … a long time ago.

After awhile, though, I was starting to hear from many of my songwriter friends, who were already here, who were wondering why I wasn’t. It definitely seemed like the place to be, which probably made me drag my feet even longer since I’ve never much been the type to just follow the crowd.  In fact, most of the time I’m looking to be somewhere the crowds haven’t yet found, or there at a time when it’s not so packed.

Then again, sometimes you have to endure the crowd to be part of a good thing.  In the past year I’ve seen both the Eagles and Aerosmith in concert.  While I’d have loved to have seen either act in an intimate venue, that doesn’t seem about to happen these days, so it was a big hockey arena, packed to the gills with people, and loads of traffic on the way in and out.  Still, it was worth all that to get to see those acts, who are both still sounding fine decades after I found out about them and started loving their music.

Whatever the reasons for my delay, though, I’m here now, and plan to stick around awhile.  Hopefully it’ll be a case of better late than never.