Love Holds On

“According to singer/songwriter Rick Paul’s MySpace profile, ‘A song is a terrible thing to waste’; he lives by his word, generously offering twelve of them on his debut full-length CD Love Holds On. With styles ranging from retro rock to Celtic folk, this Southern Californian artist has a unique whispering charm about his vocals that makes one take notice from the first warm note.” – Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville

Love Holds On was my first full-length album. It spans a 14-year period of my songwriting, with songs chosen to support a theme of holding onto love in various forms. Of course, there are the inevitable unrequited love songs, but those live alongside a song about spicing up a long-term marriage-with-children, songs that touch on the stories of departed loved ones, a song about long-term friendship, and even a song about the love of bringing music to an audience, wherever they may be.

Song List

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  1. Love Holds On (R. Hanneman, R. Paul)
  2. Take Advantage of Me (M. Parker, R. Paul)
  3. A Rainy Day (M. Parker, R. Paul)
  4. If I Could Turn the Hands of Time (R. Paul)
  5. You Get What You Get (R. Paul)
  6. Elizabeth, Lately (M. Parker, R. Paul)
  7. After Us (M. Parker, R. Paul)
  8. Fixin’ the Hole in the Wall (M. Parker, R. Paul)
  9. When We Used to Hold Hands (R. Paul)
  10. Portadown Rain (V. Michener, R. Paul)
  11. It Might Be Memphis (R. Paul)
  12. Fly (R. Paul)


Track 1 written by Rebecca Hanneman and Rick Paul. Tracks 2-3 and 6-8 written by Michael J. Parker and Rick Paul. Tracks 4-5, 9, and 11-12 written by Rick Paul. Track 10 written by Vic Michener and Rick Paul.

Performed, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rick Paul.

Cover artwork and photography by Rick Paul.

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Release Date: July 3, 2009