Make Me Feel (Beverly Bremers and Rick Paul)

Make Me Feel, my 2008 5-track double single of duets with Beverly Bremers (“Don’t Say You Don’t Remember”), was conceived after Russian songwriter/producer Alexei Ustinov and I discussed recording a song we’d initially written to be recorded by software-based virtual singers with real human singers. I’d sing the male part, but we needed a female singer, and I approached Beverly Bremers, with whom I’d collaborated on previous projects. Beverly and I decided to record a song we’d written some years earlier to make a double single. After Alexei proposed doing a remix of that song, we decided to add the two remixes of the title song.

Song List

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  1. Make Me Feel (A. Ustinov, R. Paul)
  2. Unsaid (B. Bremers, R. Paul)
  3. Make Me Feel (Virartech Radio Mix) (A. Ustinov, R. Paul)
  4. Unsaid (Virartech Remix) (B. Bremers, R. Paul)
  5. Make Me Feel (Virartech Club Mix) (A. Ustinov, R. Paul)


Tracks 1,3,5 music and original Russian lyric by Alexei Ustinov, English lyric by Rick Paul. © 2008 Alexei A. Ustinov (RAO)/Closet Cowboy Music (ASCAP).
Tracks 2,4 words and music by Beverly Bremers and Rick Paul. © 1999, 2008 Lipton Music (ASCAP)/Closet Cowboy Music (ASCAP).

All vocals by Beverly Bremers and Rick Paul.

Track 1 produced by Alexei Ustinov and Rick Paul.
Track 2 produced by Rick Paul.
Tracks 3 and 5 produced by Alexei Ustinov and Anton Ilyashenko.
Track 4 produced by Alexei Ustinov, Anton Ilyashenko, and Rick Paul.
Executive Producer: Rick Paul

Musicians and Engineers:

Alexei Ustinov – Arrangements (1,3,4,5)
Andrey Galushko – Drums (1)
Anton Ilyashenko (MegaTon Studio) – Arrangements (4), Bass Guitar (1,4), Engineering (1,3,4,5), Guitars (3,4,5), Mixing (1,3,4,5), Sequencing (4)
Alexey Kosolapov – Keyboards and sequencing (3,5)
Andrey Orlov – Guitars (1)
Nikolai Panchenko – Saxophone (1,3,5)
Rick Paul – Arrangements (2,4), Engineering (1,2,4), Keyboards (1), Mastering (1-5), Mixing (1,2,4), All Instruments and Sequencing (2)

Cover artwork by Rick Paul.

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Release Date: September 16, 2008