That Time of Year

I love Christmas music, so it is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to share these original Christmas songs with you. Thanks for listening. May the blessings of Christmas be on you and all those who have a special place in your heart during the holiday season.

Song List

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  1. The Day After the Day After Christmas (M. Parker, R. Paul)
  2. Santa’s Best (R. Paul)
  3. Molly’s Bar and Grill (V. Michener, R. Paul)
  4. It Started in a Manger (R. Paul)


Track 1 written by Michael J. Parker and Rick Paul. Tracks 2 and 4 written by Rick Paul. Track 3 written by Vic Michener and Rick Paul.

Performed, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rick Paul.

Cover artwork by Rick Paul.

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Release Date: November 21, 2006