Christmas Airplay

Rick’s recordings of “Santa’s Best” and “It Started in a Manger” were played on Rick Cupoli’s DeltaWav radio show on WEJF 90.3 FM in Palm Bay, Florida during the 2005 Christmas season. The DeltaWav show is also carried by 99.1 KSKB in Brooklyn, Iowa and 90.9 KLOX in Creston, Iowa.

Pop Hit in Mongolia

Back in 2003, Nominjin, an extremely talented 14 year old pop singer from Mongolia, recorded the Rick Paul/Suzanne Wanvig song "All I Need to Know" with producer Rick Neigher in Los Angeles. During the first quarter of 2004, Nominjin’s radio-only release of that recording has played in frequent rotation on all 12 of Mongolia’s FM radio stations. Her January 2004 video of the song has also played on prime time TV in Mongolia, and was the first English language music video to be featured there. Nominjin’s recording was among the top 4 most requested songs on multiple radio stations, and her video was number 5 for the month of February 2004 on Mongolia’s TV5.

Radio Airplay

A few of Rick’s recordings received some airplay on WEJF 90.3 FM in Palm Bay, Florida during late 2003. Songs played included "I Don’t Pray Anymore", "It Started in a Manger" and "Portadown Rain".