Equipment and Software

In addition to being a songwriter, singer, and musician, I produce my recordings, and occasionally recordings for others, in my mostly software-based home studio. Here is a snapshot of the tools I use.  I just might be a bit of a music and audio software junkie. 😀

Digital Audio Workstation:

  • Intel i7 5280k PC with:
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 8 TB hard disk (4 x 2 TB)
    • Windows 10 Professional (64-bit)
    • MOTU 828x Thunderbolt audio interface
  • Cakewalk by BandLab
  • Make Music Finale
  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 11
  • Sony CD Architect 5.2
  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5
  • Magix Vegas Pro 14
  • Magix DVD Architect


  • E-MU PM5 Precision Monitors

Mic Preamps:

  • Focusrite ISA One


  • CAD Equitek E-200 condenser
  • Shure SM-58 dynamic
  • Studio Projects C1 condenser

MIDI Controllers:

  • Akai EWI USB wind controller
  • Roland A-800PRO 61-key keyboard controller
  • Roland A-88 88-key keyboard controller

Software Instruments:

  • Pianos and organs:
    • AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4
    • Arturia B-3 V2, Clavinet V, Farfisa V, Mellotron V, Piano V2, Stage-73 V, VOX Continental V2, Wurli V2
    • Garritan Authorized Steinway Piano Basic
    • Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys, The Grandeur, The Gentleman, The Giant, The Maverick, Vintage Organs
    • Scarbee A-200, Clavinet/Pianet, Mark I
    • True Pianos Amber
  • Synths:
    • AAS Chromaphone 3, String Studio VS-3, Ultra Analog VA-3
    • Arturia Analog Lab 4, ARP 2600 V3, Buchla Easel V, CMI V, CS-80 V3, CZ V, DX7 V, Jup-8 V3, Matrix-12 V2, Mini V3, Modular V3, OB-Xa V, Pigments, Prophet V3, SEM V2, Solina V2, Synclavier V, Synthi V
    • Cakewalk PSYN II, Rapture Pro, Z3TA+ 2
    • iZotope Iris 2
    • Native Instruments Absynth 5, FM8, Kontour, Massive, Monark, Polyplex, Reaktor 6, Reaktor Spark, Reaktor Prism, Retro Machines MK2, Rounds
  • Samplers, loop players, and multi-function sound modules:
    • Cakewalk Cyclone, Dimension Pro, Dropzone, RXP, TTS-1
    • Native Instruments KONTAKT 6
  • Guitars and basses:
    • AAS Strum GS-2
    • Acoustic Samples GD-6 Acoustic Guitar, Strategy, Sunbird, Telematic
    • Chris Hein Guitars
    • Indiginus The Ukulele
    • MusicLab RealEight 4, RealGuitar 5, RealLPC 5, RealRick 4, RealStrat 5
    • Native Instruments Session Guitarist – Electric Sunburst Deluxe, Session Guitarist – Picked Acoustic, Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic, Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic 2
    • Spectrasonics Trilian
    • ujam Virtual Guitarist AMBER, CARBON, IRON, SILK, SPARKLE
    • Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Drums and percussion:
    • Arturia Spark Vintage Drum Machines
    • In Session Audio Shimmer Shake Strike
    • Native Instruments Abbey Road 60s Drummer, Battery 4, Drumlab, Studio Drummer
    • Spectrasonics Stylus RMX with Backbeat SAGE Xpander
    • Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 (with Alt-Rock EZX, Americana EZX, Big Rock Drums EZX, Blues EZX, The Classic EZX, Claustrophobic EZX, Dream Pop EZX, Drumkit From Hell EZX, Electronic EZX, Funk Masters EZX, Hip Hop! EZX, Indie Folk EZX, Jazz EZX, Latin Percussion EZX, Nashville EZX, Number One Hits EZX, Pop EZX, Pop/Rock EZX, Post-Rock EZX, Reggae EZX, Rock EZX, Rock Solid EZX, Seventies Rock EZX, Southern Soul EZX, Traditional Country EZX, Twisted Kit EZX, and Vintage Rock EZX), Superior Drummer 3 (with Custom & Vintage SDX, Indiependent SDX, Music City U.S.A. SDX, New York Studios Vol. 2 SDX, New York Studios Vol. 3 SDX, The Rock Warehouse SDX, Roots SDX – Brushes, Rods, & Mallets, and Roots SDX – Sticks)
  • Band, orchestral, ethnic instruments, choirs:
    • Bolder Sounds fiddle! V2
    • East West Quantum Leap RA, Symphonic Choirs
    • Garritan Concert and Marching Band, Gofriller Solo Cello 2, Instant Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band, Personal Orchestral 5, Stradivari Solo Violin 2
    • IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2
    • Native Instruments Discovery Series (Balinese Gamelan, Cuba, India, Middle East, West Africa), Session Horns, Session Strings 2
    • Sample Modeling Mr. Sax A., Mr. Sax B., Mr. Sax T., Ms. Sax S., The Trombone, The Trumpet
    • Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover
  • and more…

Audio plug-ins:

  • Antares MIC MOD EFX
  • Applied Acoustics Systems Objeq Delay
  • Arturia FX Collection (1973-Pre, Comp FET-76, Comp TUBE-STA, Comp VCA-65, Delay ETERNITY, Delay MEMORY BRIGADE, Delay TAPE-201, M12-Filter, Mini-Filter, Rev INTENSITY, Rev PLATE-140, Rev SPRING-636, SEM-Filter, TridA-Pre, V76-Pre)
  • Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter, Boost 11, CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier, Channel Tools, FX2 Amp Sim, FX2 Tape Sim, FX3 SoundStage, LP64 Multiband Linear Compressor, LP64 Linear EQ, PerfectSpace, ProChannel (with Concrete Limiter, Console Emulation, PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor, PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate, Softube Saturation Knob), PX64 Percussion Strip, TL64 Tube Leveler, TS64 Transient Shaper, VC64 Vintage Channel, VocalSync, VX64 Vocal Strip
  • Celemony Melodyne Studio 5
  • Exponential Audio Nimbus, R4
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube MAX 4, Lurssen Mastering Console, T-RackS 5 MAX
  • iZotope Break Tweaker, DDLY, Insight 2, Nectar 3 Plus, Neoverb, Neutron 3 Advanced, Ozone 9 Advanced, RX 8 Standard, Stutter Edit 2, Trash 2, Vinyl, VocalSynth 2, Tonal Balance 2
  • Lexicon Pantheon
  • Line 6 Pod Farm
  • Native Instruments Driver, Guitar Rig 5 Pro, Rammfire, Reflektor, Solid Bus Comp, Solid Dynamics, Solid EQ, Spektral Delay, Supercharger, The Finger, Traktor 12, Transient Master
  • Nomad Factory AMT Amp Leveling, AMT Max Warm, AMT Multi-Max, BlueVerb DRV-2080, British MCL-2269, British NEQ-1972, BT Analog Chorus CH2S-3, BT Analogy Phaser APH2S-3, BT Analog TrackBox, BT BrickWall BW2S-3, BT Compressor CP2S-3, BT Compressor FA770-3, BT DeEsser DS2S-3, BT Equalizer BQ2S-3, BT Equalizer BX2S-3, BT Equalizer GEQ12-3, BT Equalizer PEQ2B-3, BT Equalizer BEQ322-3, BT Equalizer PEQSB-3, BT ExpanderGate GX622-3, BT Limiter LM2S-3, BT Oilcan Echo TLE2S-3, BT Stereo Imager ST2S-3, BT Tempo Delay DL3D-3, BT ValveDriver ADR2S-3, COSMOS, E-3B Compressor, E-3B Maximizer, E-Channel, E-Compressor, E-Gate Expander, E-Graphic EQ, E-Maximizer, E-RetroVox, E-TubeTape Warmer, ECHOES, EQ 9063B AllTech, Liquid Compressor II, Liquid Delays II, Liquid Gate II, Liquid Mod II, Liquid Phase II, LiquidVerb II, LM Amplifier LM-662, MAGNETIC, MAGNETIC II, Program EQP-4, PulseTec EQs, Retro Film-Tone, Retro Music-Tone, ROCK AMP LEGENDS, Studio Channel SC-226
  • Overloud BREVERB, Dopamine, REmatrix Solo, TH3, VKFX Delay
  • PSP Audioware 2445 EMT Digital Reverberator, 608 MultiDelay, B-Scanner, BussPressor, ClassicQ, ConsoleQ, E27, EasyVerb, Echo, Hertzrider, InfiniStrip, Lexicon PSP 42, L’otary, MasterComp, MasterQ2, McQ, MixBass2, MixGate2, MixPressor2, MixSaturator2, MixTreble2, MixSync2, N2O, Neon HR, Nexcellence, Nitro, NobleQ, oldTimer, PianoVerb2, PreQursor, PseudoStereo, PSP 84, PSP 85, RetroQ, SpringBox, StereoAnalyzer, StereoController, StereoEnhancer, stompDelay, stompFilter, TripleMeter, Twin-L, VintageWarmer 2, X-Dither, Xenon
  • Sonitus:fx Compressor, Delay, Equalizer, Gate, Modulator, Multiband, Phase, Reverb, Surround, SurroundComp, Wahwah
  • Synchro Arts VocAlign Project
  • Toontrack EZ Mix 2
  • Waves Abbey Road Collection, Abbey Road Studio 3, Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series, CLA Classic Compressors, CLA MixDown, CLA MixHub, Cobalt Sapphira, dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter, Diamond, F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ, Greg Wells Signature Series, Eddie Kramer Signature Series, H-Series, Jack Joseph Puig Signature Series, JJP Analog Legends, Manny Marroquin Signature Series, PRS SuperModels, Scheps Omni Channel, Scheps Parallel Particles, Studio Classics Collection, Tapes, Tubes & Transistors, Tony Maserati Signature Series, Nx Virtual Mix Room
  • and more…

Last update: October 27, 2020