Music News Nashville Reviews “Love Holds On”

The first review of my Love Holds On album has come from Janet Goodman of Music News Nashville, an e-zine focusing on the Nashville songwriting community. This is the first ever review of one of my recordings, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m relieved to report, however, that the review was extremely positive. Moreover, some of the insightful comments Janet made on the lyrics demonstrated that she really understood the songs beyond the surface-level stories.

You can read the full review at:


In the giving credit where credit is due department, I’d like to note that all the songs Janet referenced in her detailed lyrical comments were co-written. My co-writers were the primary lyricists, while I focused on the music and perhaps made some minor contributions on the lyrical side. “Love Holds On” was written with Shari Hanneman, “Portadown Rain” was written with Vic Michener, and the remainder of the songs referenced were written with Mike Parker.

Also, for the record, my mother is alive and well, as is Mike’s. It’s good to know, however, that the story in “A Rainy Day” was believable.

If you’d like to pick up your own copy of Love Holds On, be it on CD or in digital download form, you can find the latest list of outlets on the dedicated page for the album.

* Unfortunately, the review is no longer on-line on the Music News Nashville site, and the ezine seems to have disappeared altogether as of early 2022.