Primary March

music by Rick Paul

The name of this composition, “Primary March”, is a double entendre. On one side, it reflects the mood of the piece, which was written as the 2008 USA presidential election season was gearing up and the initial caucuses and primaries were beginning. Listening to the piece, it is easy to imagine the celebratory nature of a political rally or a small town Fourth of July parade. On the other side, this represents Rick Paul’s first piece written for marching band, thus literally being his “primary march” (and the only one to date).

Instrumentation in this arrangement is as follows:

  • Piccolos
  • Flutes
  • E-flat Clarinets
  • B-flat Clarinets 1/2/3
  • Bass Clarinets
  • Alto Saxophones
  • Tenor Saxophones
  • Baritone Saxophones
  • Trumpets 1/2/3
  • French Horns 1/2/3
  • Trombones 1/2/3
  • Bass Trombones
  • Mellophones 1/2
  • Baritones 1/2
  • Sousaphones
  • Bass Drums
  • Snare Drums
  • Tenor Drums
  • Cymbals

This is a brand new piece which has not yet been performed in concert. If you are a band director interested in debuting this piece, please contact Rick with information regarding your needs, including any needs for customized instrumentation. Sample conductor score and individual instrument parts are available.