A Christmas Gift for You

What Child is This? cover art

Somewhere in the next few days we’ll reach that point in time where, no matter what we have in progress, those of us who celebrate Christmas will start to shut down our “life as usual” mode and switch into “Christmas celebration” mode. I know that, when I get to that point, I sometimes go quite … Read more

Story Behind the EP: That Time of Year

That Time of Year cover art

Oh, yes, it’s here, that time of year,The whole world’s filled with Christmas cheer.– from “Santa’s Best” by Rick Paul Whatever your personal feelings toward the holiday season, from eager anticipation of family celebrations to dread of crowded malls and the seeming hopelessness of trying to choose just the right gift for a loved one … Read more

Christmas in July

That Time of Year cover art

Well, here it is, the beginning of July — time to introduce a new Christmas song. If you’ll kindly turn to, er, click on, my main MySpace page you’ll find a new song, “The Day After the Day After Christmas” (written with Mike Parker), among your choices. If it doesn’t automatically play when you bring … Read more