Story Behind the Song: “Stubborn Heart”

Stubborn Heart cover art

“Stubborn Heart” is a song about the conflict between the head and the heart. You know how it goes: The head tries to reason with the heart in matters of crushes, infatuation, love, passion, and various other thinking/feeling conflicts. The heart doesn’t want to hear logic, though. It’s into feelings, even at the risk of … Read more

If I Could Turn the Hands of Time

Rick Paul’s “If I Could Turn the Hands of Time”, from his “Love Holds On” album was previously recorded and released by two other independent artists. Jennifer Lynn, a young country singer from Houston, Texas, included it on her “Right Before My Eyes” CD back in 2001. Paul Johansen, a Norwegian alternative country singer, was next, putting it out on his “Gone With The Wind” album in 2003. Several other artists have used the song on their demo recordings, too. Rick’s release of it came out in July 2009.