What’s Next?

There’s a classic series of commercials that features, for example, winning Super Bowl athletes. A narrator asks these athletes, after their big game wins, “what are you going to do next?” The athlete then answers that he’ll be going to a certain theme park where it is not unusual to see people wearing rodent ears. Since finishing … Read more

Music News Nashville Reviews “Love Holds On”

Love Holds On cover art

The first review of my Love Holds On album has come from Janet Goodman of Music News Nashville, an e-zine focusing on the Nashville songwriting community. This is the first ever review of one of my recordings, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m relieved to report, however, that the review was extremely positive. … Read more

From Russia (and California) With Love

Make Me Feel cover art

Back on August 4, 2007, in my “Summer Happenings” blog, I wrote: Speaking of the other side of the world, I’ve been collaborating with a Russian songwriter and producer, whose name is Alexei Ustinov, on a new song and recording to be released sometime later this year. Alexei is producing the instrumental tracks over in … Read more

For Those Who Like Traditional Hymns

A big part of my early musical development was influenced by hymns and other church music. Somewhere around seven years of age, after having taken piano lessons from my mother since the age of four, I started teaching myself to play songs I heard in the new folk masses at the Catholic church my family … Read more

Now in the Amazon.com MP3 Store

I just wanted to let you guys know about a new development that I’m excited about. Maybe this fits in the category of “cheap thrills”, but here goes: All the recordings I’ve released to date are now available in Amazon.com’s new MP3 store. Those recordings include: Bubble Gum (single) The Lord’s Prayer (single) That Time … Read more

Summer Happenings

Bubble Gum cover art

While it might not technically be correct to call the first of August the halfway mark for Summer, it always feels like it is. We won’t be taking a vacation this year since my wife is in an intensive MBA course that considers September to be the right month for a break. Of course the … Read more

Story Behind the EP: That Time of Year

That Time of Year cover art

Oh, yes, it’s here, that time of year,The whole world’s filled with Christmas cheer.– from “Santa’s Best” by Rick Paul Whatever your personal feelings toward the holiday season, from eager anticipation of family celebrations to dread of crowded malls and the seeming hopelessness of trying to choose just the right gift for a loved one … Read more