Getting Down to the Wire

It’s now been seven months since I announced my intention to record a pop album and release it during the first half of 2016 and four months since my most recent public update on that project. As we enter the second quarter of 2016, it is getting down to the wire if I am to … Read more

Three-Month Progress Report

Exactly three months ago, I announced my intention to produce a pop album, with the working title In and Out of Love Again, for release sometime during the first half of 2016. I also promised to provide occasional updates on the progress of the album, which I’ve done a couple of times since then in … Read more

Announcement of Intent

Back in 2009, I released my first full-length album, Love Holds On, a collection of original songs written over a period of approximately thirteen years. Since then, I have released ten digital singles, nine of those with original songs and one an original arrangement of a classic hymn, and another full length album with original … Read more

Summer Happenings

Bubble Gum cover art

While it might not technically be correct to call the first of August the halfway mark for Summer, it always feels like it is. We won’t be taking a vacation this year since my wife is in an intensive MBA course that considers September to be the right month for a break. Of course the … Read more

Stop the SPAM!

Spam It cover art

In the grand scheme of things, an e-mail inbox full of mortgage offers, phony get-rich-quick schemes, erectile dysfunction meds, and the like is a niggle. I mean it’s just not quite on the same order of seriousness as global warming, war in the Middle East, Government’s being for sale to the highest bidder, the widening … Read more