Story Behind the Song: “The Day After the Day After Christmas”

As a largely unknown songwriter, who has yet to have a mainstream (or even cult) hit here in the USA — I make this geographical caveat only due to some minor international success, including a local radio hit in Norway and a top 5 radio and video hit in Mongolia, back in 2003 and 2004, … Read more

Story Behind the Song: “Help Us Understand”

I’d chosen the week of September 10, 2001 to be a solid week of songwriting. I got off to a respectable start that Monday, repurposing a melody I’d had left over from an abandoned musical theatre project by writing new lyrics and adding a musical bridge. The result was a Christmas song, “Santa’s Best”, which … Read more


Rick Paul’s “Fly”, from his “Love Holds On” album was originally written as an entry in the American Idol song contest. The song didn’t get anywhere in the contest, then a year or two later one of Rick’s longtime friends was celebrating a silver wedding anniversary. With a few minor tweaks to the lyrics, Rick repurposed the song as an anniversary song. It is this new version of the song, which could also work as a graduation song, that was recorded for Rick’s album.