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My new pop album, In and Out of Love Again, featuring love songs, breakup songs, and even a lust song, is now available. You can find it at Amazon MP3, iTunes, Tidal, and other digital download stores.

Song of the Month

This month’s featured song is “A Place to Meet Jesus”, written with Al Lowry back in 2010. This recording is a brand new remix that was just released as my latest digital single. For the story behind the song, check out my latest blog.

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  • Story Behind the Song: “A Place to Meet Jesus” - Back in February of 2011, at an open mic performance in Huntington Beach, California, I announced my intention to release a recording of a song Al Lowry and I wrote in 2010 called "A Place to Meet Jesus" "in the next month or so": Well, it took more than five and a half years, but ... Read more
  • Story Behind the Song: “Help Us Understand” - I’d chosen the week of September 10, 2001 to be a solid week of songwriting. I got off to a respectable start that Monday, repurposing a melody I’d had left over from an abandoned musical theatre project by writing new lyrics and adding a musical bridge. The result was a Christmas song, “Santa’s Best”, which ... Read more
  • What’s Next? - There’s a classic series of commercials that features, for example, winning Super Bowl athletes. A narrator asks these athletes, after their big game wins, “what are you going to do next?” The athlete then answers that he’ll be going to a certain theme park where it is not unusual to see people wearing rodent ears. Since finishing ... Read more

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Updated: October 1, 2016